Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Forgotten Rebels - Live in Ottawa

Live in Ottawa - Jan. 26 2001

The Pursuit of Happiness

Tons of live Pursuit of Happiness

Cool Game

Johnny Cash and Alice Cooper (comic books)

Joan Jett with security guy on air guitar

The Bopping Elf (e-book)

Fantasy book about Marc Bolan written by Michel Laverdiere, a great read, Marc Bolan is my favourite singer.

They're Coming to Take Me Away

21 versions of the classic Napoleon XIV song, listen to all 21 and tell me how you feel after.

Dead Milkmen

Two albums - Eat Your Paisley and Metaphysical Graffiti

More Bad News

Movie by the guys from the Young Ones.


Tons and Tons of Voivod

Faith No More

A pile of music and videos

Cool Game

Cool Game

The Young Ones

Funny stuff, I love this show, Rik Mayall is a riot.
Here are the first 6 episodes I have, I'll post the rest when I get them uploaded.

The Stooges - The Complete Fun House Sessions

IGGY !!!!!!!!!

Tom Waits Live (mp3)

4 live shows from 96' to 2000, great stuff.


Welcome to the blog, hope you all find something interesting and fun on this site, I'll update it as often as I can. I'll be posting links to music, movies on the web, and every once in a while I'll post some photos of the shows I go to.