Wednesday, January 10, 2007

T.Rex - Born to Boogie (download)

Best movie ever, this film is a trip.

Ratt - Live Kanagawa Japan 04/23/86 (download)

2 CD's

Madonna - Penthouse Issue 09/87 (ebook) *NSFW*

No web site is complete without some pornography, pretty tame by todays standards.

Madam X - Demos (download)

All the songs from We Reserve the Right, but if you listen carefully, they are different.

Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction - My Life Story (download)

Jayne Mansfield - Busts Up Las Vegas (download)

Bob and Doug McKenzie - Great White North (download)

Alice Cooper - Da Da (download)

Dr Chud's X-Ward - Live 200? (download)

The Go Go's - Punk Tarts (download)

T.Rextasy - Trip and Glide in the Ballrooms of T.Rextasy (download)

Mickey Finn's T.Rex - Renaissance (download)

Marc Bolan and T.Rex - Peel Session (download)

Minor Threat - Demo (download)

Circle Jerks - Wild in the Streets (download)

Smashing Pumpkins - Live 1988 to 2000 (archive)

Lizzy Borden - Terror Rising/ Give 'em the Axe (download)

Joan Jett - Rebel Rebel: Live NYC '82 (download)

SNFU - Real Men Don't Watch Quincy (download)

The Plasmatics - Meet The Plasmatics (download)

Groovie Ghoulies - Project Ghoulie Box Set (download)

7 EPs
Island of Pogo Pogo
Hello Hello
Flying Saucer Rock and Roll
Don't Go Out Into The Rain
Christmas on Mars
Beast With Five Hands
Armageddon 2000

Death Sentence - Not A Pretty Sight (download)

Dayglo Abortions - Out Of The Womb (download)

'63 Monroe - NFG 7" (download)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Bitch - 4 albums (download)

Be My Slave / Damnation Alley
The Bitch Is Back
A Rose By Any Other Name

Viletones - Look Back In Anger (download)

Lita Ford - Greatest Hits Live (download)

Mika Bomb - Hellcats (download)

Alice cooper - From The Inside Live 78 (download)

Billion Dollar Babies by Bob Greene (ebook)

Transvision Vamp - Trash City (download)

Me, Alice (ebook)

'Me, Alice' is the very hard to find Alice biography 'as told to Steven Gaines'. It has been out of print since at least 1977 and was never published outside the USA. That said it IS worth finding a copy as while there are lots of mistakes it does give some insight into the early years of Alice's life and the creation of the band.

Tyrannosaurus Rex - Live 4-11-69 (download)

The Young Ones - Season 2 (download)

Summer Holiday

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kiss - 24 albums (index)

1978) KISS - Ace Frehley Solo
(1978) KISS - Gene Simmons Solo
(1978) KISS - Paul Stanley Solo
(1978) KISS - Peter Criss Solo
(1980) KISS - Unmasked
1974 Hotter Than Hell
1974 Kiss
1975 Dressed To Kill
1976 Destroyer
1976 Rock And Roll Over
1977 Love Gun
1979 Dynasty
1981 Music from The Elder
1982 Creatures of the Night
1983 Lick It Up
1984 Animalize
1985 Asylum
1987 Crazy Nights
1989 Hot In The Shade
1992 Revenge
1998 Psycho Circus
Kiss - Alive I
Kiss - Alive II
Kiss - Alive III

Helloween - 11 albums (index)

Better Than Raw
Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I
Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part II
Metal Jukebox
Pink Bubbles Go Ape
Rabbit Don't Come Easy
Rare and Unreleased
The Dark Ride
The Master Of The Rings
Walls Of Jericho

Wasp - The Crimson Idol (index)

Rolling Stones - Voodoo Lounge (index)

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (index)